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Tamegroute bowl - 11 cm.

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The traditional Tamegroute pottery is handmade by local potters in the southern part of Morocco, where the Sahara desert begins. The pottery is known for its green and golden shades - and for the raw and unfinished look, which is characterized by large individual differences in both shape and glazing.

Further information

With a unique manufacturing process that has been passed down from generation to generation, the process begins at the Draa river, where the potters dig up the clay and then spin and shape the clay into unique bowls, jars, dishes, vases etc.
The ceramics are dipped by hand in the glaze mixture, which gives the ceramics the characteristic colours.

Ceramics from Tamegroute are very rustic - and it is precisely the rawness and rusticity that helps to give the ceramics a unique expression and charm.

The ceramics come with chips, nicks, marks and generally a very worn look - perfectly perfect imperfect.

No two products are alike and may therefore differ slightly in color and appearance from the image shown.

Can be used for food, but we do not recommend a dishwasher.


The bowl is 11 cm. high and measures 11 cm. in diameter

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