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Cushion cover Zanafi - size 40x60 cm.

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A Moroccan pillow made from Zanafi carpets is easy to add to your decor and fits into most homes, where they can be used to create a cozy and warm atmosphere.
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The Moroccan Zanafi rugs are hand-knotted from undyed natural 100% wool and traditionally decorated with designs from the Zanafi tribe, which resides in the Ouarzazate region of Morocco. This part of Morocco has long been known as the "door of the desert", with the unforgiving desert on one side and the rugged Moroccan Atlas Mountains on the other. The region can get very hot in the summer – up to 47 degrees, while it also gets cold in the winter – sometimes down to -6 degrees. It is these swinging extremes that have led to the hallmark of the Zanafi tribe – their reversible rugs.

The hand-knotted wool rugs are flat and have straight lines, geometric patterns and fringes on the sides. Often the carpets will have a 3D effect, where parts of the carpets are raised with piles that run along the carpet in patterns


The pillow cover measures 40 x 60 cm and fits mounting pillows in size 40 x 60 or 40 x 65 cm - depending on how full you want the pillow.
The back is in light canvas.

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