About Casa W

A universe of unique products

Casa W - products with a story - was created based on a great passion for interior design and design as well as inspiration from Asia and Morocco in particular.

The idea behind Casa W is to create a magical universe in the tension between the simple Scandinavian style and the "bohemian" style.

puder pufs på tæppe vintage

Handmade products

Almost all of our products are created by hand and designed with heart. The products are made by local craftsmen with a focus on the use of local materials, sustainability and, not least, respect for local traditions and production methods. Our craftsmen have acquired this expertise over generations. In addition to the beautiful expression, the charm of handmade products is that they are unique and 'products with a story'.

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About Rikke

I lived with my family in Asia from 2000-2010. In China, Vietnam and India, I loved exploring the local markets for unique items that could strike just the right balance between the simple Scandinavian furniture we brought from home and the unique craft traditions each Asian country had. to offer.

I also loved my weekly trips to the local fabric markets to pick out just the right yard goods for the local tailors to turn into a beautiful cushion cover or dress.

At the same time, my jobs in Asia also offered the opportunity to work with the local producers and gain a unique insight into local cultures, CSR, production processes etc.

This is where the dream of Casa W was created.

stak vintage pufs
marokkansk vintage fad