Marrakech - Casa W's favoritbutikker

Marrakech - Casa W's favorite shops

It's easy to get lost in Marrakech's souks...

Souk or bazaar or medina. The historic center of the city of Marrakech is Morocco's largest souk and a wonderful experience that will challenge all of your senses.

Marrakech's souks are a jumble of streets, alleys and narrow passages with thousands of small shops and stalls that will challenge your senses.

Here you will allegedly find (no one has control of the exact number) more than 7,000 different shops, stalls, workshops, eateries, etc., located in a network of small streets and alleys. So large and unmanageable that even the local guides occasionally get lost.

Scents, sounds, colors and impressions mean that when you stroll around the chaos, you feel that time has been set back more or less a human age. But that's also part of the charm...

Casa W's favorite shops in the souk

The carpet man Al Matjar ( ), which is located in the middle of the souk (Souk Semmarine 24-26), has a lot of nice cushions, rugs. puff etc. in the Scandinavian bohemian style that we like. I don't buy Casa W's products from him yet, but I fell in love with a few delicious things from him when I visited Marrakech for the first time.

A favorite area in the souk is Place de Epices , which, in addition to the cafés Nomad (@nomadmarrakech) and Café de Epices @cafedeepices), offers a cozy atmosphere and everything from baskets, basket bags and spices to rugs and clothes. I usually swing by the shop Marrakech Mon Amour (@marrakechmonamour), which, among other things, sells the most beautiful t-shirts in the best quality.

I also love to stroll around the streets away from the Place de Epices to experience the local atmosphere without too much of the hustle and bustle of the 'main streets'.

The old town - a journey of experience

A short walk from the souk is the old town and here a visit to Mustapha Blaoui (@mustaphablaoui) is a MUST. The entrance is an old door without a sign, so keep eye the carpenter across the street to find the right place. You step into a mecca of carpets, cushions and beautiful antiques. Don't miss the many floors hidden behind the first room. Sneak a trip through the kitchen to find the other floors.

Max & Jan (@Maxandjan) - is a delicious - but expensive - concept store which is also worth a visit. The shop has everything from swimwear to clothes and jewelery and is located in a beautiful farm.

The area around Yves Saint Laurent's garden - Jardin Majorelle

An absolute must is to visit Rue Majorelle 33 (@33ruemajorelle), which is not cheap, but has sooooo many wonderful things.

In the same area, the ceramics chain Chabi Chic (@chabichicmorocco) also has a smaller store. Casa W does not yet sell their delicious products, but it may come at some point.

BE The souk (@bethesouk), owned by the people behind Riad BE Marrakech (@bemarrakech) is another great place to hunt for ceramics or textiles.