Kom med bag kulissen... faktureringsgrader eller tid til fordybelse?

Come behind the scenes...invoicing rates or time for immersion?

Before I started Casa W in 2022, I worked in the consulting industry, where words like hourly rates and billing rates regularly came out of my mouth...

It has therefore taken me a long time to convince myself that it is perfectly okay to take hours - and sometimes even days - out of the calendar to immerse myself in the creative process of designing the next collection of kaftans from Bali, deciding on the colors of the new handmade ceramics from Morocco or just the right graphic touch in my favorite online helper-tool-for-non-graphics-and-SoMe-experts.... Canva.

And although I sometimes miss having colleagues, developing new project ideas together with customers or having new knowledge poured into my head at a conference, I wouldn't trade it for life as a solo entrepreneur. Even if it means that I can write both designer, purchasing manager, logistics manager, SoMe manager, administration manager etc. on the business card...

I enjoy it - and am happy that the customers continue to take Casa W so well.
It means the world 🖤🖤