Hvorfor hedder 'biksen' egentlig Casa W?

Why is the 'bike' actually called Casa W?

There are many who have tried to pronounce the name of my little 'biks'....

[ka-sau].... [ka-sa-v]... [casa uncountable in flawless Spanish/Italian and then 'double uuuu' in English...]

Yes, I admit, it's probably not the most catchy name I came up with back in 2022. But there is actually a point to the madness.

I wanted to include a lot of elements that are important to me and at the same time point forward...

  1. I would like to have a name that can also be pronounced and understood outside Denmark's borders.
  2. We have a house in Spain and I still dream of being able to open a Pop Up Shop in Spain in the summer...
  3. My last name is Wetterstrøm and all the boys in my family are called Wetter.... but Wetter means weather in German so it didn't work. It therefore simply became W.
  4. I would like to signal that I sell things for the house/home and that over time I hope to build a universe of delicious products for the home - and the people who live in it.
  5. It was important for me to signal that Casa W sells products with a history and which are designed and produced with a sustainable mindset. Hence the 'tagline': Products with a story.
  6. At the same time, Denmark is world-renowned for our approach to design, focus on quality products, our innovative mindset etc. - So of course 'Denmark' had to come along.

Meeeennnnn, I just overlooked:

  1. That in Spanish, Portuguese and Italian only W ifm is used. foreign words that are part of the local language. So combining W with the Spanish/Italian/Portuguese word for house/home doesn't make a lot of sense in those countries.
  2. That there are actually quite a few others who already use Casa in their company name and that Casa W is the name of everything from old fishermen's houses in Portugal to an innovative environment in Chile.

Status is right now....

that I am becoming more and more happy with the name - and perhaps in particular the logo, which with its simple expression and strong messages actually very well represents something of everything I want with Casa W. Namely to be able to offer my customers unique collections and products such as cannot be found elsewhere and at the same time support the sustainability agenda via a focus on local raw materials, recycling of materials, limited editions etc.