Casa W - hvorfor køber vi ind i Marrakech?

Casa W - why do we buy in Marrakech?

Welcome to Covid19 and thus an adventure in Morocco...

I lived with my family in Asia from 2000-2010. In China, Vietnam and India, I loved exploring the local markets for unique items that could strike just the right balance between the simple Scandinavian furniture we brought from home and the unique craft traditions each Asian country had. to offer.

I also loved my weekly trips to the local fabric markets to pick out just the right yard goods for the local tailors to turn into a beautiful cushion cover or dress.

At the same time, my jobs in Asia also offered the opportunity to work with local producers and gain a unique insight into local cultures, CSR, production processes etc.

It was therefore quite obvious that I should of course continue to work with the Asian suppliers as the dream of Casa W was to be realized back in 2021.

Local craftsmen and strong traditions

But due to Corona and the many travel restrictions in several parts of Asia, I soon found out that it would be difficult for me to travel - and thus also get my hands on the unique products, start a collaboration with the local craftsmen and not least become inspired by moods and the local cultures. I therefore began to consider whether there might be alternatives closer to Europe. A place that can offer the same craft traditions as in Asia, has a larger supply of local raw materials, which they are good at transforming into beautiful products and, not least, has companies that are used to working with European customers. My 'research' pointed me in the direction of Morocco - and I'm so happy about it.

The plane tickets were booked and my husband and I went back in October 2021 for the first trip to Marrakech.

And after that things have gone well with several trips to Marrakech, lots of meetings with the suppliers in the small local workshops, collaboration on design, colors etc. And I love it!!!

I am not finished trading with Asia and have also used a local sewing studio and supplier in Bali for my collection of lounge wear and kaftans in tie dye.

But Morocco is lovely close by, the quality is top notch and the local craftsmen are hardworking, punctual (mostly...) and good business partners.

I'm already looking forward to my next trip to this wonderful place.